netPulz WAN for Retail

Companies, such as retail chains, are very concerned with the cost and flexibility of their Wide-Area Networks because they have so many locations to connect. Connecting hundreds or thousands of sites is both expensive and complex. Advans addresses these concerns with a netPulz WAN:

  • Replace expensive telecom with low cost/high bandwidth connectivity
  • Deploy Rapidly
  • Have easy access to corporate applications
  • Get Seamless Unified Communications

netPulz is optimized to decrease packet loss and jitter for exceptional voice and video transmission quality. And an Advans software defined WAN doesn’t need a cloud, so there’s no large upfront cost to obtain the flexibility and cost reduction in your WAN.

Find out how netPulz programmable networking eliminates the limitations of SD-WAN’s to get the flexible, low cost connectivity your business demands.

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Why use a netPulz WAN?

Every IT shop has the same problem – how do I do more with less? You need more bandwidth for application performance. Hackers are getting better all the time. Now in addition to your datacenters, you have the cloud. But you have less money and people than you really need.

A netPulz WAN gets you:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Cost Reduction
  • Greater Flexibility

For a netPulz WAN, all you need are netPulz appliances. They have unique security features that ordinary VPN’s, firewalls and other devices don’t have. With encrypted tunnels, like a VPN, netPulz allows you to use the Internet rather than MPLS circuits for your WAN. Since netPulz appliances are routers too, you can connect as many subnets as you want without additional network gear. With the ability to aggregate multiple connections and a virtual appliance for clouds, netPulz creates a Software-Defined WAN for any infrastructure. Plus, as a managed service, netPulz shifts costs from CapEx to OpEx.

Advans has a white paper comparing a netPulz SD WAN to traditional WAN’s at:

netPulz Virtual Private LAN vs. MPLS WAN

Gartner estimates that enterprises will need 28% more bandwidth compounded annually for each year through 2017. Paying for that additional bandwidth will be an added burden for IT departments. Considering the abundant Internet bandwidth, and the fact that VPN’s are often seen as secure as dedicated circuits, using the Internet as a WAN becomes a viable alternative to traditional MPLS WAN’s. When paired with the Internet, the netPulz Transparent Network Appliance, ( from Advans IT Services, Inc., (“Advans”,, makes for a compelling package to create a Software-Defined Wide-Area Network without the need for traditional network gear.

Cloud Migration with netPulz

The netPulz Transparent Network Appliance from Advans ( embeds the complexities of networking in software hosted on the appliance. By creating a Virtual Private LAN, (“VPLAN”) between two sites, Advans has created a site-to-site managed service VPLAN connection as a WAN replacement. Furthermore, Advans remotely manages the appliances so there is no local administration. Generally, the only administration required is for making configuration changes to the netPulz network, as the netPulz software manages the network automatically.

The netPulz appliance is the only networking technology capable of creating a Virtual Private LAN using the ordinary Internet backbone. This is significant, since ordinary Internet connections are far less expensive than dedicated telecom circuits.

The advantage of a VPLAN over a traditional WAN, is that it is much simpler for the end user since it seamlessly connects the sites at either end of the connection. Both locations appear to the end user as part of one local-area network, even if one side of the network is a cloud. Managing such a network offers flexibility that a traditional WAN cannot match, and it is this architecture that makes cloud migrations very easy.

To see a real world example, please download the following white paper that explains the details: netPulz Cloud Migration

UMass ETL & BI Migration

The Advans Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Team has completed its tool migration of the University of Massachusetts’s enterprise-wide data warehouse application. For this project Advans:

1. Migrated Informatica objects to DataStage

2. Migrated Cognos objects to Oracle Business Intelligence

The objective was to retire both Informatica and Cognos. To do this, Advans also created a Java application to programmatically move Cognos objects to OBIEE.

A white paper is now available on the Advans website describing the project methodology and its use BI conversion tool:

UMass Summit Upgrade-Advans BI Conversion

Advans Global Operations Center

The Advans Global Operations center is a combination of a Network Operations Center, (“NOC”) and a Security Operations Center, (“SOC”). The GOC also includes IT administrative and testing software.

Global Operations Center/Datacenter Appliance

The Advans Global Operation Center (“GOC”) is like a Network Operations Center (“NOC”), except that Advans securely monitors not only peripheral network devices, i.e., firewalls, switches, routers, etc. like a NOC, but also individual servers, applications and databases. Therefore, an entire datacenter can be monitored from outside the firewall. To do this, Advans has developed a datacenter appliance consisting of a proprietary hardware and software platform. The appliance is connected to a client’s network, inside the datacenter, and it communicates with Advans’ Gateway with monitoring software suite hosted within the Advans private cloud in our datacenter. This provides secure, remote monitoring of all the assets outside the firewall.


Monitoring datacenters from outside the firewall yields several benefits. Firstly, clients no longer must license their own monitoring software, nor maintain servers and administrators to support their monitoring infrastructure, i.e., servers, storage, software and their associated administrators. Advans offers remote monitoring as a subscription service, resulting in an immediate cost savings in eliminating the client’s monitoring infrastructure. This is especially true of customers with multiple datacenters that must replicate their monitoring infrastructure within each datacenter. No access is available to the appliance itself, which both obviates its administration costs and makes it secure.

All the GOC monitoring software will be hosted in the Advans private cloud. Clients, therefore, will have the opportunity to log into the GOC monitoring software directly, with read-only accounts, for a real-time review of their entire infrastructure.

Once logged in, clients can review graphical output and online reports in addition to receiving regularly scheduled reports via email. Scheduled reports, which are customized for individual use, provide for the opportunity to perform trend analysis on resource use and other operational issues.

UMass Data Warehouse Upgrade

Advans How To:  UMass Data Warehouse Upgrade

The Advans Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Team has completed its upgrade of the University of Massachusetts’s enterprise-wide data warehouse application. Part of this project involved Advans creating a lab in its datacenter for testing upgrade procedures before running them on UMass’ applications.

Advans deployed a netPulz virtual WAN to connect its datacenter to two UMass datacenters because:

  • Site-to-site connections can be set-up in minutes
  • Using data in real-time cut the project timeline significantly
  • Ease of management when using an onsite/offshore team

A white paper is now available on the Advans website describing the project methodology and its use of the netPulz virtual WAN.

UMass Summit Upgrade-Advans netPulz Virtual WAN