Advans: netPulz SD-WAN

For a humorous look at what can happen to a CIO when bandwidth bottlenecks choke networks and applications, please view:

Networks are complicated. Companies have datacenters, colo’s, clouds, VPN’s, mobile apps, remote offices and increasingly sophisticated applications accessing their WAN’s. Providing uptime with application and network performance while controlling costs is not trivial.

Addressing these needs is Advans’ Programmable Networking Technology, “netPulz.” The first version of netPulz, available now, creates Software Defined WAN’s without the need for a cloud. Network controllers host netPulz software, making networks behave like software applications. Network administration, monitoring and auditing is all managed in a GUI, and the netPulz software reacts in real-time. Plus, netPulz can use any telecom circuit, including broadband Internet, and has connection multiplexing for:

  • Load Balancing
  • Fail Over
  • Bandwidth Aggregation

Using multiple telecom connections simultaneously while making them appear to be one big pipe, provides flexibility and burst-ability on demand. Using inexpensive and abundant broadband Internet connections controls costs. Abundant and affordable bandwidth improves application and network performance while maintaining QoS and uptime.

Get agility in your network by making networks act like software.

Don’t be that guy – get netPulz. Contact Advans today to get the best in SD-WAN’s.


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