Oracle Clinical 4.5.1 ( HA Setup)

I will post the OPA-Clinical HA implementation document soon.
This include the following Architecture design

2 Node RAC cluster – Oracle 9i -version on Windows 2003 server with OCFS V1 
2 Node OC 4.5.1 – Windows 2003 server
A Dedicated node for load balancing (windows 2003 server LBR with DNS configuration).

Please see the Oracle support on this Doc ID 815294.1

Currently, Oracle Clinical has NOT been certified in a RAC or Cluster configuration, including OC 4.6.

OPA Support will attempt to assist you with problems even if your system configurations are not identical to the support matrix. Please refer to Note 180430.1 – Oracle Life Sciences Applications Supported Technology Stacks.

However, the assistance on unsupported configurations may be limited if we are unable to reproduce the problem on one of the supported configurations.

If you decide to embark in such an effort, we will support you as long as we can reproduce the error in a standard configured system.


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