My Favorite SAP Transaction Codes


My favorite TC on SAP

SM04 – Displays the logged in users of the SAP system
SM12 – Displays and deletes Lock entries
SM51 – Display SAP instances of an SAP system -status and complete work process
SM37 – Monitor batch jobs
SM49 – run external OS commands
SMICM – ICM monitor
SMGW – Gateway monitor
AL12 – Buffer Monitor
ST01 – system trace
ST02 – Memory monitor
ST03N- Load monitor
ST05 – Performance analysis

Oracle Related

DBA Cockpit – system configuration and Maintenance
DB01 – Oracle Lock Monitor
DB02 – Database Performance
DB12 – Backup Logs
DB13 – DBA planning Calenar
DB16 – Database checks – for error mssgaes and warnings
DB17 – Check conditions when using BR Tools
DB26 – Database parameters
DBC0 – Database connections
ST04N- Database Performance monitor

Operating system related

OSO6 and STO6 – OS Monitor
OSO2 and OSO4 – OS configuration


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