Advans Distributed Networking

With the Advans Transparent Networking Appliance, (“netPulz”) a proprietary hardware/software platform, two or more disparate networks are made to appear as one, yielding a more flexible and less expensive alternative to routers and traditional WAN’s. A single “Virtual Datacenter” can be created from multiple, geographically separated ones, decreasing IT infrastructure costs while increasing network and application performance and maintaining security.


netPulz Transparent Networking Appliance


3 thoughts on “Advans Distributed Networking

  1. Advans uses netPulz to share our VoIP phone system with our offices in India. This means we can make free calls over the Internet just by dialing a 4 digit extension. All the offices in India need is a netPulz appliance and they can use our phone system in the Marlborough office.

  2. Essentially Advans extends its network in Marlborough to its office in India. So the phone system, hosted in Marlborough, “thinks” the phones in India are actually part of the LAN in Marlborough. The calls are routed across the Internet backbone. The cool thing is that we can do this with any application.

  3. Advans shares all its corporate applications this way. So the offices in India use the phone system, email, SharePoint, help desk ticketing system, change management software, CRM tools, etc., hosted in Marlborough MA. This means that the offices in India don’t need to host any applications locally. They just have an Internet connection, a switch and a netPulz appliance in their network and they use all the applications in hosted in Massachusetts. The best part is that Advans manages the appliances remotely and they are very inexpensive. They are a far less expensive to traditional WAN and VPN infrastructure or Citrix.

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