Are you using Google Buzz?

Recently I read an article taken from TechRepublic on “Why Google Buzz confirmed our two worst fears about Google.” This article caught my attention since Google, known as the most popular search engines right now recently made a very BAD decision with using privately stored information and allowed it to go public. I mean who wouldn’t be annoyed with having a trusted name such as Google all of a sudden allow the world to see who you email the most?  

I honestly don’t see the point in using Google Buzz since if you are going to contact someone in your network, why wouldn’t you just email them? Why do you need to update them with another form of “away messages” which Twitter, Facebook, and IM messages already allow you to do? 

What are your opinions on this? Do you agree?


2 thoughts on “Are you using Google Buzz?

  1. I’m always careful of Google products as Google captures as much information about what you are doing as possible. Then you never know what they do with is. As for Google Buzz, anyone who wants this connectivity is already using it from somewhere. Google did not bring anything new to the table, and its just more work to configure services I already have.

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