Advans Attends Interop

On Wednesday, November 18th, Advans attended the Interop Expo which was held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. With thousands of attendees and nearly 100 exhibitors, Interop drew a wide variety of exhibits, some with eye-catching displays. The primary theme of this year’s convention was Cloud Computing. Most of the vendors at the conference were either network hardware or software vendors. Video Conferencing was also prominent, with these companies offering enhanced video conference capabilities for laptops and desktops that rival more elaborate dedicated systems. In addition to NYC, Interop held conferences in Tokyo, Mumbai and Las Vegas in 2009. Several seminars were held, of which about 20% were free to attendees. Michelle Lynn, Marketing Representative and Paul Angelo, VP of Service Delivery attended a seminar on Green IT sponsored by Symantec and Forrester Research. “Symantec’s seminar explaining their Green IT Initiative was very informative. I was gratified to learn that a large software vendor was undertaking steps to make their corporate computing more eco-friendly. Many of the techniques they discovered are the same ones we offer our clients,” said Paul Angelo, VP Service Delivery.


One thought on “Advans Attends Interop

  1. The seminar on Green IT hosted by Symantec and Forrester Research was very informative. Many of the techniques discovered by Symantec for reducing their carbon footprint are services that Advans offers. By reducing your carbon footprint, companies will save significantly on their electricity costs. Other cost avoidance strategies also help the bottom line. It was great to get the validation of the these other companies as to our own Green IT Initiatives.

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