Interested In Green IT?

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2 thoughts on “Interested In Green IT?

  1. I expect Green IT to become an important trend in Information Technology in the next couple of years. Green IT is about using less electricity for computing. By implementing Green IT best practices, companies will experience significant reductions in their electricity usage which will save them money immediately. They can also benefit from cost avoidance strategies, which will improve their ROI on computing investments, and also reduce energy usage. The result of these efforts, in addition to saving money, is a reduction in their company’s carbon footprint.

  2. The video displayed here discusses the benefits of clustering to achieve server consolidation for the databases tier. Using less servers in the data center will obviously reduce energy usage. Advans developed a technique to use Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle’s database clustering technology) for server consolidation. Companies will save money on energy and hardware costs by utilizing this technique. Oracle has published a white paper we wrote about how we did this for Shire Pharmaceuticals:

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